Introduction To Phone Number Monitoring


It’s no secret that Robocalls are a huge problem. You may have even received a few today. Luckily, there are many robocall and scam detection apps available like Nomorobo, Hiya, and Robokiller. Many phone companies like T-Mobile, Dialpad, and Google Fi have even built spam detection directly into their service.

However, while these services are great, they aren’t perfect. Many rely on crowd sourced data and over-zealous algorithms which can cause many legitimate calls to appear as “spam”, “scam-likely” or go straight to voicemail.

How does it work?

Once configured, DigitDog frequently queries each of the major robocall prevention databases to see if your business telephone numbers have recently been flagged as spam. DigitDog then assigns a score based on the likelihood of your outbound calls being rejected. If the score is above your desired threshold, DigitDog will alert you via email, SMS, API, or HTTP POST to your desired Webhook.

How do I get started?

Simply choose your Plan, Register, then import the numbers you’d like to have monitored. If you have just a few, simply input them manually. If you have many, easily upload a CSV, use our API, or make use of one of our integrations with great platforms like Twilio.